About Us

About Us

PT. Luita Biljolius is a company in which providing a service of  Clearance ( Broker Company), Export and Import permits, service of Start-up Indonesian company, set up new factories and experience in providing land transportation. PT. Luita Biljolius was established by an experienced and competent professional for 15 years in export and import, logistics and company licences. The company have  wide range of networks and connection at various institutions makes us trusted and reliable service provider to most companies in Indonesia.

Our Motto

Our resources have been motivated by our simple motto yet  very lively,  “to make our er addicted to our services”.


Company Partner

Our business partner are companies that works within the industry, pesticide trades, industry and heavy-equipment,  health industry, food and beverages industry, etc.

Our Service

Custom Clearance
Customs Affairs Consultancy
Import Export Permission
Company Establishment
Factory Establishment
Land Transport

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